Black Hole Sun-Shine

Before the self-isolation, before the billions of zoom calls, before all the bastards kept buying out my favourite ice-cream – there was a time where shit was still shit. That’s right. Things sucked a little before things sucked a lot. And for a lot more people. I’m not just talking about me. When people started losing their jobs and their livelihoods were (and still are) on the line, my mind wandered to those that were already doing it tough. Not discrediting or denying the fact that there has been an upheaval of peoples lives on a mass scale and that there is a very real health threat at large, both are real. However, there was a lot of people in pretty crappy situations before all of this. Perhaps now or soon, is a good time for us to look at the world as a whole are realize that we are in this together and there is a lot that ain’t working. A lot of shit is not right. A lot of people were already suffering, Let’s not forget them.

Whilst there are many, many people and groups, communities, countries etc that have it pretty crummy, I want to focus on some of those close to my heart. The ones battling with perhaps the toughest, harshest and most elusive enemies… Themselves. Right now, we are confronted with a lot of alone time. A lot of time for the mind to chatter. A lot of time to reflect on our lives and consider what is all this shit all about. That can be helpful for some. Others, not so much. Having extra time to ponder the complexities or simplicities of life, has certainly jolted me something fierce. I do not doubt that I am not the only one who was feeling alone, socially isolated and scared of the future before COVID19 hit us hard. If nothing else the pandemic has the potential to allow others to see and feel how a lot of people live their lives on a day to day basis. It can be a struggle for some people every day. Not just in times of global crisis. While I am OK, there are a lot of others who are not. My concern is that as the world moves to protect economies and the fragile, those without voices have been forgotten.

My hope is that this situation can bring people together. Can help families become closer… Loved ones love each other more and for communities to band together. I have seen small amounts of this. Though I have witnessed some of the cold hard reality of humanity as well. A lot of greed and selfishness. A lot of panic, rushed decisions and anger. While I view humanity as a whole, it is hard to not quickly default to judging those who have behaved, in my eyes, in rather self-centred ways. Perhaps it is the selfish parts of myself that I see and do not like? The parts I project onto others? Whatever it is, what I would love is for families to be able to spend more time together and cherish the simple things that they do have. A focus on the positives.

Not everyone is going to be able to spend extra time with family (or want to!) or escape the madness that is going outside. My heart goes out to the checkout legends at the supermarkets, the doctors, nurses, health professionals, police and even politicians who are working hard in the face of some pretty scary concerns for their health and safety. I know others will be at risk in their normal lives as well. My hat is off to you – if I wore a hat, and I should as I’m bald… Seriously, it takes special people to put others’ lives and needs before theirs. Thank you. I also acknowledge those that have lost their jobs or businesses. It sucks. Hard. To not live your life the way you want, to not be able to provide for your family can be brutally despondent.

Those of us that have found ourselves facing the uncertainty of how we will look after our families now have an opportunity. While, perhaps, we have been thrown into a very dark hour completely not of any fault of our own, we can now relate to how shit life can be for those who were already there. Yes, what has happened is shit and it sucks. Though we do have the ability of insight and the blessing (or curse) of time to reflect. The world situation was already fucking people up. People were already living in disarray, depression, and despair due to no fault of their own. The dark reality of their suffering and the murky reluctance of our blinkered awareness is now being cast out into the light.

So if it is shit for so many, how can we help? What can we do? It is difficult to see how we can band together when some have been so much more affected more than others and many are acting with only their self-interest in mind. There those that are acting rationally and compassionately, though a lot are not. How is this fair or right? It is not, and it is a microcosm of how humans are in the world. We are being exposed to our humanity as a whole. We are being exposed to ourselves. There is nowhere left to hide. It is pretty confronting. I know, I’m dealing with myself on a new super intimate level (not like that, I was already intimate there…) and all my good and bad bits are coming up for all to see – myself included. This pandemic has illuminated certain issues in the world that were already at play.

I believe this is the time to look closely at ourselves. Why are there many who are suffering and few that are prospering? Does just serving ourselves truly serve the greater good? What if the greater good does not serve us? Well, as a man a lot smarter than I said, (can I paraphrase a quote? How does that work? Anyway…) “Take care of enough people’s dreams and yours will be taken care of”1. I believe this for the world. Fuck, I need to. I want to transpose it to “take care of people and they will take care of you”. That would be a nice motto for us all.  At least I’d love to think that we could take care of those that are truly in need and by helping them they, in turn, help the next person. We create a positive cycle of abundant support, compassion and love for us all. I know, I like to dream and dreams do come true…

So, while I have been brooding for the last week amidst having my kids full-time and trying to work from home in my business that has been in upheaval – I’ve gone through a roller-coaster of emotions. I’ve been angry, sad, depressed, excited, happy, grateful, peaceful and also wanted to blame everyone and anyone for this bloody mess. Anger and despair would be the two most prevalent feelings coming up. And this article was originally going to reflect that. Though as I deliberated and took my time (a challenge for me) it dawned on me that me just having a sook wasn’t really helping anyone other than me. The simple point of the article was to bring awareness to those already suffering and maybe introduce some perspective on the state of our society in general. I realized, after seeing some people close to me go through some extremely challenging ordeals, that there isn’t always the right solution available. And that fear, uncertainty, despair and hopelessness already existed. What about them? They struggled to find the right help before this upheaval. It was already a challenge for them. The uncertainty of their lives was already prevalent. While I have little in the way of solutions or answers, I want to make sure that I remember and acknowledge them. I want to voice my concerns about my shit too. It’s still there. And I fucking hope, that by sharing it I can help the ones without a voice feel a little less alone.

Stay safe out there,




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  1. Jim Rohn – Have Your Best Year Ever – Audiobook.





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  1. Benn says:

    Hey Dan, gets you thinking doesn’t it. Without getting too biblical “Do unto others as you would have done unto you” Or in the words of Oz Rocks Noiseworks “Reach our and touch Somebody”. We all need a little love. Cheers Benn

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