Finding your Success

Success. What is it to you? Have you ever truly wondered what your life would look like when you’ve “made it”? Is it financial freedom, a big house on the hill overlooking the ocean, your dream car, partner or job? Whatever it is your dream of, I know you can achieve it… I have and I’m nothing special.

In 2014 I was in a workplace incident that could have killed me. I survived being stuck in an auger for 45 minutes, alone and unsure of how I would get out of it. Eventually I was able to recover from my shock, call 000 and get the emergency treatment I needed. It took me 12 months to recover physically and I reckon about 6 years to recover mentally. In that time a lot of “stuff” went on… I got married, divorced, had a daughter, moved into a tent, drank far too much, misbehaved, nearly ruined my business and a host of other less than desirable things. Then I started working on myself…

It was not easy and it was not overnight. Though I was committed – to me. I just kept going and I believed I could do it.

In 2016 we opened our own brewery, we then won Champion Australian Independent Beer 2017, Champion Amber Ale 2018, took out a world record later that year, repeated our success in 2019 again winning Champion Australian Indi Beer. As of last night (November 19th 2020) we have now also won Champion Strong Ale, Champion Victorian Brewery and the most coveted Champion Australian Independent Large Brewery. This is a massive achievement (with zero ego attached) and a real hats-off to the amazing people that have made it happen on a daily basis. I’m so very proud of the team and so very grateful.

Is this a measure of success? You could easily say that it is. Though to me, it is the feeling that it brings and not just from the silverware. See, I value self-expression, freedom and choice. Sitting at the brewery last night, watching people celebrate and be genuinely happy, was absolutely blissful. They were able to feel comfortable being themselves. And so was I. I was drinking an apple juice mixed with soda water, comfortably knowing that I’ve given up alcohol and I’m ok with that. I’m really, really good with it and my choices in life now.

This feeling of completion, integration, wholeness and peace is my real success. I’m still going for gold in work and life, though everyday I want to feel alive and feel like I’m choosing the path I want. So I will. This means that I must acknowledge all parts of me and not hide. The CEO, the visionary, the father, son, brother, musician, songwriter, fitness fanatic, friend, lover and coach. They are all me and I’ve denied parts of me to try and “fit” in to other peoples expectations for a long time. No more. It’s all and there is no option for nothing.

I want you to find your own path. To define your success and start to feel alive and in control of who you are and what you’re doing.  I know I will guide you to it. Whatever it is. However, it looks. It is there inside you. Sometimes we just need someone to hold up the mirror so we can see how special we really are.

The time is now to take on your life and get what you want. Reach out to me if you’re committed and willing to do the work. If you’re ready to give yourself permission to get what you desire. I know you can do it. The journey has already started, now to take the next step… I’m waiting, you know what to do…




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