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13 and a half months ago I decided to take on myself in earnest. The first step – I stopped drinking alcohol…

Now, this revelation may not seem that revolutionary, however as the founder and CEO of a brewery it may start to sound a little more odd…

I wanted to share a little about the journey I’ve been on without alcohol playing a part in my life. Up until last year, it was just a given. And most certainly a way of self-medicating. What was I medicating? Well, turns out I was numbing a lot of emotional scars that had been there for some time. And some new ones that came from the same old behaviour.

I wasn’t taking care of myself. I was running away from my feelings, running away from my past and as a result – I was destroying my future.

Now – I just want to be clear… I have had some alcohol (after 7 months completely sober) – about a dozen glasses of wine and 2 light beers since about September. The great thing is I have the CHOICE to drink or not to drink. It’s a beautiful thing, not feeling like I need it. I can have one or two and stop for a week, a month, a year etc. In that, I do count myself very lucky. And for me the main issue was not the alcohol itself, it was my use of it to avoid being responsible for myself and my actions. I’m happy to have a glass of red with a nice steak – if I want. If I don’t want, then I don’t do it! Having that choice available is extremely empowering and has opened up much more opportunity in my life.

So, what am I doing now? Since March last year, I started playing the guitar again after a long time of just noodling on the couch. I bought some equipment to start recording songs at home and since then I’ve written 40 songs. I’ve found a great producer and I’m going to release an album! Whoa! It’s been fun and so much hard work. I was so rusty as a guitarist, songwriter and most of all a vocalist. I’ve had lessons and coaching and practised daily. It has not been easy and there is still heaps of work to do. Though I believe there is something pretty real about the music and it’ll have an audience somewhere.

I made health and fitness a massive priority. I started riding my bike again, broke it, then got two new (refurbished second hand) ones. I started exercising daily, then twice daily. Now I’m a bit broken and it’s back to one! Lifted 200kgs on dead-life, 145kg squat and 120kg on bench! Started eating very healthily. Pizza is a health-food if it has pineapple on it…

I finally got into pretty good shape – checkout my best James Bond smirk…

The point I’m making is that change happens by choice and you need to keep doing the right things to get the results you want in life.

I’m about to start training at a Krav Maga centre after a few different trials of MMA training over the years – can’t wait.

And I’m now looking at how to take my coaching and mentoring to another level. I believe I can truly help others impact change in their lives if they want to.

That’s my update for now. I hope you’re well out there and taking care of yourself!



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