You’ve come this far and found this page – you must be curious about dipping your big toe into the murky pond of sorting your shit out. Here is a list of services outside of my own that you could investigate. I have put my thoughts and experiences below them and keep that in mind – my thoughts and my experiences. Not facts. Fact.

And my thoughts on mental health is that it is like physical health Keeping working out and getting stronger. You also need maintenance and rest! There should be no shame around mental health or issues. I have had gone through (and still experience) anxiety, PTSD and most likely general depression. Recently I also got diagnosed (what a word!) with Adult ADHD too! This explained a lot around my past and how my mind works! Getting help from experts was very useful for me for all of that! 

I see a Psychologist and love it! I also have a coach for all my crazy ideas and business. I have seen Psychiatrists, have a couple of GP’s I see depending on what I think I need, I’ve got a support network of men in which we talk about our shit and hold each other accountable and I keep learning about who I am. Important. To me, anyway.


Possibly the place to start. Find a GP that will listen to you and make you feel heard! Don’t be afraid to check out a few and a few different practices. They should be into your overall wellbeing and not just about applying bandaids. Think – does this person really want to help me grow and be the best I can be or are they just writing a script out for opium? Is that a thing?

You can also do a mental health plan with them if you are feeling stressed or anxious or not quite right. This can give you cheaper sessions for other mental health practitioners.


Finding a good psych is something that I highly recommend. It can take time and patience to find someone that you trust and feel connected to. Don’t give up on this idea. You will find a good one if you keep looking. And a big thing here – don’t fucking lie to them. You’re just selling yourself short and they cannot help you. Be honest. Let it all out. They are trained to help you deal with the shit you normally struggle with. 


These guys and gals and trained medical doctors. They are smart in the IQ area and most likely switched on around the human condition. If you are not a genius you might find them a little more hard to relate to and distant that a Psychologist. They can prescribe medication and are great at diagnosing mental health conditions. Don’t be afraid of them. They are humans and there to help!


How about just getting your life on track and feeling awesome about who you are? Coaches vary in what they offer, though I have found them to be extremely useful in helping me find out who I really am and getting me into action about being who I am. If you want real change if your life then I cannot recommend them highly enough. I am a coach (I have a Psych bachelors too) and have found that I can really help people find their purpose in life and this seems to resolve a lot of issues they have. By my clients finding their “why” all of a sudden things start to just click. I love it! 


I have done a number of courses over the years and the ones that have really helped me are below in chronological order of when I started them. Not favorites! I promise! 

Landmark Worldwide

Don’t be scared by this. If you have heard of Landmark (not the rural real estate guys) then you have probably heard the tales that go along with it. Is it a cult? Do they brainwash you? Why are people so happy? Why are they so pushy? Is it a pyramid scheme? That guy just left his wife after doing the weekend course… Well, I’ve done a lot of it (I don’t participate now – though I may go back if I want) and I found it to be awesome. It was bloody confronting for me and if you are not ready to confront your shit, then do not do it. If you are suffering from serious mental issues – maybe consider not doing it straight away. Landmark tell you to check with any mental health practitioners and this is very wise. It is full-on and fucking unreal all in one. Though not everyone loves it and it has its haters.  The courses have had many different people go through them from Professors in Robotics to CEO’s to Clergymen to Farmers to Exotic Dancers and School Teachers. Some of the lessons they teach are so pragmatic and sensible I feel sad for people who have not learned them. It certainly helped me with my business and sorting out the crazy shit in my head. Anyway – I love it. Decide for yourself. 

Check it out here

The Coaching Institute

I study here and have found it to be another extremely amazing environment full of people that truly care about helping others. There is a range of courses to study for either becoming a coach or for self-help. It is less confronting than Landmark and is more personal in a way. The general vibe of the place is fun and loving. TCI has a strong focus on feeling emotions and getting in touch with them. It might sound a little spiritual, though it is pretty awesome to start feeling all of who you are. You can learn their version of NLP – Meta DynamicsTM – and a range of others models to help you in life. It is awesome to be involved in the community and I highly recommend it if you are into people and wanting to find out more about you. 

Check it out here

School of Personal Mastery

Mike Campbell – Man Coach. What a legend! I have done Mikes course and still participate in an accountability group with him and a group of other blokes. His course is extremely in-depth and well structured. Mike has a way of seeing you very clearly for who you are inside and what bullshit stories you bring to the table. He is the real deal and if you want to work in a group setting online, meet a bunch of blokes who are wanting to make their lives better and you’re up for taking on yourself, then check him out. Also – Mike and I have done a collaboration “pretty much” non-alcoholic beer to start conversations that matter. It doesn’t take 1000 beers to open up and be vulnerable. 

Check out Mike and his guns here

Drink Less Feel Fresh

Tom Cartright has started this amazing initiative to “support 500,000 individuals live a life of choice.” It is a shame-free solution to help people with addictions like alcohol and gambling. He has courses, a fucking awesome FB community and does personal coaching. I have one all of them and they are all fucking awesome. Not to mention Tom is a bloody legend. If you are struggling with addiction, impulse control, have family issues, relationship issues and want to take on sorting them out, then check him out. 

Get Fresh AF with Tom here


Keep in mind I’m not a mental health practitioner and just voicing my options. Always do your research around any courses and people you want to work with too. If you want help getting your shit sorted out in life, I can definitely helo you there! I’m not a Psychologist or GP though and if you think you have serious mental issues – please see one of them after consulting your GP.

Also and unfortunately, not all mental health practitioners are awesome. Some really are and have your wellbeing as their main concern – find them if you need help in that area.