Robert S.

“I started coaching sessions with Dan at a pretty dark time in my life. Another multiple-year relationship had ended, I was questioning my personal and professional choices, and my life generally seemed to be going in predictable and ultimately unsatisfying cycles. I was also seeing a psychologist about these things, but Dan’s sessions complemented this: like they compounded the benefits.

The biggest lessons I’ve taken from sessions with Dan are to identify certain limiting beliefs and behaviours and to ACCEPT that they’re always going to be there but that I don’t have to be held hostage by them. I’ve always thought that the aim was to ‘fix’ these things, but learning to accept them is far more powerful. For me, anyway.

I now have an abiding sense that I’m okay as I am; that there’s no right, or expected, way for anyone to go through life. There is a huge sense of relief, power and excitement that comes with this. I get to choose my path, and I’m only accountable to myself in the end.

I feel incredibly safe in sessions with Dan. He’s a mate and we both like a laugh, but his integrity, sincerity and compassion is so strong that I know he’s only got my interests at heart during our sessions.

If you’re finding ‘something’ missing in your life, if you’re feeling like you’re not quite reaching your potential, or if you just want to understand yourself better, I wholeheartedly recommend getting in touch with Dan. You’ll thank yourself”


Robert has established a reputation as one of Australia’s most versatile French horn players, having toured the country several times with Opera Australia and recorded with artists such as Katie Noonan. He performs regularly with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra Victoria, and various other orchestras and ensembles throughout New Zealand and South-East Asia.


Mark S. 

After working with Dan for 6 session things are fantastic. There is no holding back, I’m now being bold. authentic and happy about all aspects of life.

I’m actually Ok with not getting things 100% right. As long as I give it 100%.

I am now pursuing my hidden dreams, i.e. chasing my dream of working in the brewing industry. I have achieved my two careers as an Architect and Brewer.

I’m giving 100% to all aspects of life, I’m happy even if it sometimes doesn’t work and I acknowledge myself when it does work.

I can honestly say that I’m living life without regrets and can’t wait to get up in the mornings and sink my teeth into life.

I highly recommend coaching, as Dan’s coaching abilities are both supportive and cutting straight through to what is/was important to me. Changed my life!!!! Achieving more than I dreamed.


Mark is an award-winning and highly talented architect with extensive experience in the architectural industry since 1992. Over the years becoming a specialist and industry leader in the field of ecologically sustainable design winning the Premier’s sustainability award for design in 2012.



Kat N. 

When my 12 years old once beautiful relationship suddenly ended, I felt lost within myself and in the world. I questioned everything I did. I was looking for certainty to build my confidence back.

But I just kept getting wrapped up more and more in my own confusion. In the middle of all that, I was very fortunate to have met Dan and he started coaching me.

Dan held space for me to let it all out and I felt safe and understood. He was there for me, through his insightful questions and powerful silence I discovered that what I thought was wrong with me was in fact my strength if I could just change my perception. And when I chose to trust myself more deeply, I stopped needing to find confidence in the world out there.

Dan has a big heart. His courage to ask questions that matter made a huge difference to my experience of life back then. I am ever so grateful for Dan helped me see.


Business Manager, DET. Mother of 2 little stars, reunited with ex-partner and back in running a Muay Thai gym in Melbourne